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Build Your Website in Less Than 15 Minutes

Build your website in less than 15 minutes and do it for FREE! Before you know it, just like that, YOU’RE IN BUSINESS! Have you been thinking about starting a blog, or writing articles? Possibly you wanted to write about something that you’ve always been interested in, but didn’t know how to start it – keep reading. This post is designed to assist novices. You CAN build your own website on a WordPress platform and you CAN do it in less than 15 minutes!

how to build a website

WordPress Platform – Registration

Let’s start right now. Register your new website with Wealthy Affiliate for their beginner program. It’s FREE! Just sign up as a member. For the sake of time, decide on your site name. It should be relevant to your site subject, or niche. New members are asked these following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Business Name (if applicable)
  6. Business Type (if applicable)
  7. User Name
  8. User Password
  9. Name of Your Website – (think about a site name beforehand)

Next, let’s decide how your website will look. Click on Build a New Website

Select a Theme

Wordpress themeWebsite themes are the electronic pages used to display text (content) and pictures (images). Some themes actually look like brick and mortar storefronts. Some resemble newspapers or magazines. Those in medical fields tend to choose themes that look as sterile as hospitals. While outdoors men and women have themes that remind visitors of being in parks and forests. Some bloggers with holistic niches love themes with peaceful and calming effects. There are thousands of themes available. Don’t use up the 15 minutes choosing your theme. Pick the first one you like. You can always change it later, just do it before your website gets too complicated.

Next, let’s start adding some content.

Add Initial Content

build website in 15 minutesIf you’d like people to come to your website, you’ll need to give them something to read. Another word for this is called content. Content can be in the form of blogs, posts and / or pages, in other words, words on a computer page. In order to set-up a website in 15 minutes, there are three pages you will initially need:

1. Privacy PageA privacy policy is a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer and/or client’s data, fulfilling a legal requirement to protect a customer and/or client’s privacy. Click Here for full definition. Goody for you, this hosting site already has the page set-up for you. Just type in your website name where indicated.

2. About Me PageAn about me page is a statement about the website creator’s reason for having a website. Sounds simple, yet many have trouble writing this page more than any other. Let’s start with how this page is utilized. Visitors log onto your site, read an article of yours and now wish to learn more about who you are and why you do what you do. It’s a compliment when people want to find out more about you. They’re interested. Give them a peak at who you are and why you have a website. Answer these simple questions: (1) Who are you? (2) Why you have a website, and (3) How will your website help them?

3. Home PageA home page a/k/a landing page is the first page visitors see when they log onto your website. For bloggers, this page will be filled with a roll of blogs. Those writing articles will have posts. Visitors can scroll around and read things that interest them. Good Online Living has a post scroll home page, meaning each article is placed one after another. Cyclists might have pictures of bikes and equipment for riding. Cooks may have a photo of an appetizing meal on their home page.

Adding Images

How to build a website in 15 minutesUnfortunately, not everyone visiting your website wants to read a lot of content. Sadly, your written words may be very interesting, however some may not wish to read them all. Sorry writers! Don’t get caught up in the fact that some people are simply not readers. Having said that, write as honestly and truthfully as you possibly can, and don’t worry if EVERYONE isn’t completely on board with every single word.

‘A picture is worth ten thousand words’Fred R. Barnard, of Printers’ Ink, 10 March 1927

Some writers do not agree with the above statement. That is their choice, of course. However, please note that images can add colorfulness to your pages. Not to mention, pictures can help tell a story without the use of words. Images also break up the text so that pages aren’t too dense. We live in a fast paced world. Don’t make your readers comb through too much material. Do your site a favor and add some lively images within the text. A good number for how many photos to have in a post is approximately three per page. Of course, more photos can be placed on a page, but three is a good start; one on the top, one in the middle and one at the end.

Next, let’s publish your website. Click on Publish Your New Website

Your Website is Published! What Next?

Your site is UP! Whether you are a blogger or a person writing posts, now that your website is available for the WORLD to see, what should you do next? Some believe that once their website is officially online that visitors should be lining up to come see it. That would be fantastic, not realistic, but a really good thought. Think of your site as a new house, before inviting people over, you’ll need some essentials. On other words, it may take a while to customize and furnish your site. Concentrate on good content and relevant images and people will come to your site to see what’s there.



I helped an author put up her website in less than 15 minutes utilizing the steps above. She was anxious about setting up a website and almost decided against it due to nerves. She placed a photo of her book on the home page, with a description underneath. Then she added a PayPal button for visitors who wished to purchase her creation. Fifteen minutes later, she was EXSTATIC!

Can you Build Your Website in Less Than 15 Minutes? Absolutely! Click Here and get started! Please let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below.





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