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Free Downloads

Welcome to the Free Downloads page here at Good Online Living!

In the spirit of giving back, this page was designed to do just that. Before long it will be loaded with goodies for the distinct purpose of helping people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

The world-wide web is filled with interesting, helpful information and my intention is to find it, review it and bring it to you to enjoy.

Firstly, though, let’s begin with one of Good Online Living products, the Budget Buddy, an easy to fill Excel spreadsheet that helps keep finances in check. Look at a yearly financial forecast. Enter your numbers each month and this spreadsheet will calculate your yearly expenses, income, debits and credits. Using this sheet, determine how every expense effects the yearly totals. Never miss a payment! Budget for a trip! Get out of debt! Revise the spreadsheet as necessary and stay on top of your finances. Enjoy!

Download FREE Budget Buddy from Good Online Living now by clicking on the download ARROW below the spreadsheet!

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